building Relationships is at the center of everything we do AT WLG Construction.


Looking to remodel your home, restaurant or small business? talk TO WLG CONSTRUCTION.

When you work with WLG General Contractors you can expect diligent oversight, quality craftsmanship & exceptional people.  Let's connect if you are a Business or Home Owner, Interior Designer or Architect, Construction Manager or Owner's Representative. Contact our Business Development department to meet with Katie Sears & Neil Whitehouse for new project inquiries.

We develop trust.

When clients hire WLG Construction they can rely on us to be proficient workers and relationship managers. In many ways, as contractors, we are the sum of the relationships in the field and understand how important it is to be respectful and communicative throughout the build process.


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Our founders have leveraged decades of GC experience in construction project management and site supervision to start WLG. We have endorsed this team approach for our business model because it is essential to maintain high standards for our clients. By introducing a flat company structure we yield tremendous value in what we build, while keeping our principals close to our projects and our day-to-day operations.


Our project delivery team includes a site supervisor and a front office project manager. This approach offers our clients rigorous systems that enable project management efficiency and two WLG experienced staff members that are accountable for your project staying on schedule, on budget and built to your expectations.

We build with scalability & flexibility. WLG can adapt our team according to your scope of project. We support projects from ground-up construction to service and maintenance.

What Sets WLG Construction apart from other contractors? 

WLG offers diligent oversight of our projects, an attention to detail that is a prerequisite of quality craftsmanship, and exceptional people who know how to work well in a collaborative and transformative process.  We've built many luxury residential projects and several commercial projects that meet the construction demands of high standards and short turnaround.  We emphasize fairness in our bid process and work hard to quietly get the job done for our clients.



At WLG, we are defined by our forward thinking and 21st century technology. WLG has efficient processes to support real-time communication between the field and the front office through phones, tablets and various applications that keep communication lines constant whether on the job site or at headquarters. WLG uses Procore a cloud-based platform that connects our team, applications, and devices in one central hub. Procore enables us to manage the entire lifecycle of construction and we utilize other cloud-based software programs to create an efficient office environment. 

Collaboration & Transformation

Our role at WLG is to create a home or business from construction drawings. We rely on a team made up of owners, or an owner’s representative, architects, engineers, designers and subcontractors to collaborate on how best to accomplish the build process. Thus, relationships are key to the outcome of all of our projects.